SturmanCraig Electrical Services Ltd now supply and install Solar systems.

This is a fantastic solution to provide renewable energy to homes and businesses. Installing your own source of renewable electricity will not only help the environment, it is also a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Should you install battery storage with your solar panels, this allows you to store any unused generated electricity for you to use when required. This is a much more efficient use of your renewable energy and it increases saving.

SturmanCraig electrical services are an MCS registered company. This is required for anyone looking to access financial incentives from the SEG (smart export guarantee).

The smart export guarantee allows you to sell any unused generated electricity back to the grid.

The installation of a 3.7 kW PV system combined with battery storage and use of the SEG (smart export guarantee) provides potential savings on your energy bill of up to £1000.00 per year.

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